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Introduction - Unitech's Vision and Market Position

The market for IT professionals is certainly one where there is a great risk for companies, i.e. in creating large in-house programming teams they may never achieve a competent, productive and creative team. This is because IT professionals worldwide have one of the lowest "employment stay" records of employed experts.

Charles Handy, the eminent Oxford Scholar, Professor of Management at London School of Economics, and author, explained in 1990 why this was happening i.e.

1. "Portfolios of work allow people to make sense of their lives, ie to put together their different interests in a pattern that have some meaning and predictability. Creative people do not like orders, routine and low team morale"


2. The employed core of all organizations will soon resemble professional organizations (eg lawyers, CPA's, Doctors Practices) - those places where talented and qualified people are the real assets, the intellectual property of the organization. Such organizations are flat - most have only four layers or levels, from junior, to qualified, to senior, to partner. They work in teams, shifting teams, teams where even a partner can be a junior member if his or her contribution is not essential. They respect individuals, encouraging them to have their own clients, to sign their own work, to be their own people, not just cogs in the wheel. One should think of television teams, who hire in a lot of specialist help, but whose central core is made up of talented individuals working with rather than for other people".

Unitech aims to provide medium and large customers with services that allow it to outsource key software/hardware solutions with confidence, thus freeing the core creative/strategic staff to be more effective.

Unitech's ability to handle outsourcing is explained below, however even we maximize productivity and creativity by outsourcing specialist tasks to talented freelancers.